We Live By A Code of Secrets

Eroticism, Exploration and Discretion

Join our Secret Society


Complete our gateway form for your free introductory (Gateway) membership of interest.


You will be provided with a link to our application. Each application will be reviewed and judged on aesthetics, openness, non-judgmental attitude, willingness to explore and additional criteria deemed appropriate.


Ferry Godmother conducts personal interviews with each applicant to ensure the compatibility with the goals and freedoms of the experience


You will receive a decision by email. If approved, you will immediately receive a link to complete your membership contribution. After verified your free introductory membership will be upgraded to appropriate level. Once upgraded you are then approved to secure your seat at upcoming events.

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words

We are an elite, luxurious and expensive stealth society for erotic pleasure in the Hudson Valley and on occasion we approve a few beautiful and smart people for an exciting guest experience, for free. Apply to become a member of a select few; House of Wagtails

All information and contents submitted to Noble Court management shall be held in the strictest confidence