E-Theatre is Erotic Dance, Burlesque, Fashion, Music

Erotic theatre is for those who desire to experience and explore erotic fantasies. Each show is choreographed differently, allowing our devotees to try new things as they watch, without freedom of judgement. 

The atmosphere is playful and seductive yet filled with an air of mystique. Devotees are encouraged to indulge themselves, letting their imaginations run wild.

Art Performances for the Sophisticated Palette

The performances are varied, exciting and goes on throughout the night. Devotees can explore the endless possibilities of one’s imagination Just imagine the freedom to enjoy erotic entertainment and endless fantasies.

Events are generally held on Saturdays 9pm – 2pm


Communicate erotic experiences through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music, and dance


The Best Classical and Jazz Music


Songs, humorous sketches, dirty jokes, chorus and solo dances billed as sensational

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words

Noble Court is where curious individuals experience erotic theatre and explore their personal desires without judgment. It promises to be a night of consensual experimentation—no consequences, no questions, no expectations. Consider this foreplay sexual allusion took voyeurism to new heights.

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Divine Guidance and Coaching
by our in-house Sexpert each event