Etiquette, Our Official House Rules

Noble Court is the place that all  types of eroticisms can happen, therefore it is important.that each member is aware of the proper etiquette. 

The “ASK” rule

Noble Court seeks to preserve a safe environment, therefore we have established a list of etiquettes which must be followed.  Consensuality is our centre of responsibility.  It is required that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Your conduct to another is essential, therefore you must always “ASK” before you touch. May I kiss you, may we watch you, may I touch you, would you like to join us?  Without question, “No is No”.  Generally men can not approach women for anything outside of a general conversation. If the woman is interested in anything else she will ask. Anyone who violates this, most primary rule, will be removed and banned from all Noble Court events for life. There are no exceptions and no second chances!


Masks are mandatory upon entry for all participants. Once inside you may remove your mask if desired, but we suggest leaving it on until after the performance has ended. Guests not in proper attire will be denied entry without refund.

Gentlemen – At all events men are required to wear a proper tuxedo with bowtie.

Ladies – At all events ladies shall elegantly in formal evening wear or classy elaborate lingerie.


This is NOT an open ticket, meaning you can not use it on another desired date. Each event is created with the interest of the member in mind so please, check the date prior to booking your slot, under no circumstances will you be able to change the date one the ticket is purchased.


There are NO tickets sold at the door. All tickets must be purchased online.  When the ticket limit has been reached, the ticket portal will be closed, no more tickets will be available under any circumstance.

Staff Involvement

The staff and contracted vendors are banned from engaging in activities outside of the scope of their artistic performance, job description or contract during our events.

No Phone Zone

We too have etiquette, above all privacy is an important consideration for the Noble Court. Mobile phones are banned and will not permitted under any circumstances. Anyone found with a phone will be removed and banned forever from all Noble Court events. 

Recording Devices

To encourage freedom of expression and to protect the privacy of everyone, photography, video and audio devices of any kind are strictly prohibited. Anyone found violating will be removed immediately (and their guest) and their membership will be terminated immediately with no option for renewal, EVER.  There will be no refund of event or membership fee.


All new members are subject to a 3 month probation period,  If a member is removed for inappropriate behavior unbecoming of a Noble Court member there will be no refunds for any reason.


Cancellations more than 7 days in advance of an event will have a 50% administration cost deducted from your ticket purchase refund. Cancellation less than 7 days prior to event date will be subject to 100% administration fee. No show: No restitution: No rescheduling date

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words

Freedom to explore every desire