Masque Soiree

step into a world of intrigue, erotism, and sensuality

Our members enjoy exclusivity, secrecy and the ability to watch at first, dipping their toe in the water before exploring

Noble Court opens the door to the ultimate desires. It’s a place to get turned on, to explore and indulge in your every fantasy. It is always up to you to decide how far to explore.

Generally held on a Saturday 9 pm-2 am, the number of attendees depends of capacity of venue. Only members in formal ware and a mask will be admitted.

Intimacy doesn’t have to be hidden away, it can be open, celebrated and enjoyed

E-Dinner For a select group of devotees and guests

This is the perfect way to get a taste of what the evening has to offer before the main event, Masque Soiree. Approved non-member couples and singles may join members for the E-Dinner (Erotic Dinner). It is a one time opportunity for anyone who has never attended a Masque Soiree. This is how we get to know you and vice a versa. There is a limited number of spaces available and strict dress codes always enforced.  Our members are treated to a 6 course dining experience including a champagne reception, exquisite cuisine paired with fine wines ending with chef choice mignardise. Then on to the main course of the evening, you at the Masque Soiree.

Our E-Dinner will tantalize your palette to start your ascendance into a world of excitably freedom

To attend a Noble Court event you must  be an approved member, apply for membership today!. If you have an account, log in for individual event prices.

 Once you have made your purchase, you will  receive further instructions by email including address and password for our upcoming event. Be prepared for no surprises,  but only indulgences of an erotic nature.

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words