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Membership Login for the most exclusive Private club in the hudson valley's. Home of Luxury & Erotic Art

Welcome to our Membership Login Page

We are a private members-only club for likeminded elitists with sophisticated taste and style hosting black tie Masquerade Balls, (know as Masque Soiree), Erotic Theater, (Known as E-theater) and Erotic Diner (known as E-Dîner). 

We offer  workshops on fetishes, kink and various forms of erotic art. 

To gain entry into Noble Court events, one must apply and have an approved membership. To join our secret society everyone is vetted. The screening includes aesthetic appeal, professional status and what you can contribute.

Noble Court Membership Login

Enter here! Our events are creative and innovative. We combine art, music and culture with extreme wealth, power and status.  We are the home of open-minded social climbers and aggressive networkers. Enter and enjoy the experience of a sensual life time

Meet people of all ages, from all walks of life, locals or out-of-towners, all with wealth as the common ground.  Take a step into a world that is generally waaaay outside your comfort zone. Events are a combined exclusive erotic party and cultural event for the rich.

Erotic terminology is ever changing and growing therefore, it is important that we assist our members understand.

Once you have logged into your account there is glossary of various quizzes yo can enjoy. The glossary includes a list fetishes and kink terms. You will never have to be confused about the language of alternative lifestyle again.

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words

Everyone enters our events wearing a mask

Have a meaningful conversation about sex, relationship, erotica, fetish, love, and pain,