Giving you what you have always desired and dreamed of


We’ve created the ultimate social experience for building romantic and social connections between men, women and couples. We’ve designed events to be at the forefront of changing the way people think about exploring, expanding, and experimenting with sensuality. Noble Court is SOCIALIZATION MADE SEXY!


To provide a safe, comfortable and entertaining space to interact with peers of similar social status and interests.


“Noble Court” pledge to keep any and all information collected from mailing lists, membership applications, and employment/contractors information confidential. We shall protect your secrets through infinity.


Noble Court” offers a wide array of luxury activities and amenities for our private club members in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  We provide a balance of fun, excitement, fetish lectures, quality networking and bonding in elegant stealth locations.

We are Hudson Valley’s power players hang out, if only to relax, talk business, and network with other in their echelon.

At Noble Court

We believe actions speak louder than words

The Finer Pleasures In Life

Are you ready to take the journey down fetish, exhibitionist or voyeur road, the erotic theatre is the stage for your pleasure, there is something for everyone.